Show Luo almost got molested by fan

Show Luo

Taiwanese singer Show Luo revealed, at an event on Monday, that he had almost gotten molested by a female fan.

At the event, the 34-year-old expressed his shock towards Japanese girl group AKB48’s recent assault incident. His frequent trips to Japan for fan events and the strict security measures – which include bag checks and metal-detection gates – he experienced had left a deep impression on him. Hence, he was extremely surprised to hear about what happened to AKB48.

Show also recounted his own experience with unruly fans. During one of his fan meets, a female fan had attempted to feel him up, but thankfully, the singer noticed and grabbed her hand. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing!” he had said jokingly, using humour to dissolve the awkward situation.

He added that as he had trained in free combat with his uncle before, he can tell if someone is planning to do him harm simply by looking at their shoulder. Before the other party tries to strike, their shoulder will tremble.

AKB48’s incident has appalled the entertainment industry, causing celebrities to be more cautious of their safety while holding fan meets.

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