Selina says no to scar removal surgery

Selina Jen

After an accidental explosion on-set while filming for musical drama I Have a Date with Spring in 2010, the 32-year-old was left with burn scars on most parts of her body.

Although she has recovered well, her scars and taut skin around her knees and ankles has restricted her movements, especially when she does vigorous activities like dancing. During her solo performance at S.H.E’s encore concert in Kaohsiung last Saturday, she substituted her usual energetic and sexy dance moves with simple and graceful hand movements and dance poses.

“I am unable to stand up and squat down quickly. Sexy half squats are definitely out of the question. My original moves in Miss Universe required me to bend down, but I realised my left ankle could not take it,” said the singer, who is married for three years.

Selina paid a visit to a plastic surgeon to remove the scars on her chin through laser treatment in February, but the process was too painful, she confessed she would never to do it again.

At the celebration party after the concert, the cheerful lady explained that she will not remove her scars via surgery. “I will not consider surgery, although the doctor said if I feel inconvenienced, I can undergo surgery to loosen the skin. I don’t feel the need and am satisfied with my ability to dance now.”

After completing a 10-km marathon last month, Selina revealed her ambition to take part in a triathlon, but is fearful the distance will take a toll on her. The cheeky one wistfully hoped for the distance to be reduced by half and said, “Life is wonderful when one has dreams”.

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