Selina Jen starts recording for solo album

Selina Jen

Taiwanese super girl group S.H.E recently wrapped up their 2GETHER 4EVER tour with an encore concert in Taipei, where they announced that member Selina will be holding a solo concert soon. Looks like fans have more to look forward to now as the 31-year-old has declared that she is in the midst of recording her first solo album.

Selina revealed that she will be releasing her first solo effort at the end of October and posted on her micro-blog, “I always get a cold whenever it comes to recording periods and my voice ends up really nasally in the songs. This time, it’s even worse.”

According to reports, she has been coughing for close to two months and has tried remedies from both the East and West in a bid to recover. There was a period of time in which she was worried that there would be long-term effects to her voice but she has recovered since then.

She shared yesterday (Aug 28), “I’m thankfully feeling a lot better and it’s time to enter the recording studio! (My) colleagues hid in the studio to give me a surprise and even game me these My Melody dolls so that I won’t be alone during recording ~ How thoughtful! I hope that it will be smooth sailing from now!”

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