Selina Jen completes a 10-km marathon

Selina Jen

Taiwanese girl group S.H.E member Selina Jen took part in the ‘We Run TPE’ Nike 10 km marathon yesterday with other celebrities such as Dee Hsu, Alyssa Chia, Janine Chang and Hilary Tsui, for which she clocked one hour and 19 minutes.

After suffering from severe burns due to a freak accident in 2010, it’s been quite difficult for her to bend her knees, so having to walk or ride a bike has not been easy.

She was so moved by her 10-km accomplishment that she broke down. When queried by the media, she admitted that it wasn’t easy, and said in jest that one should never provoke an athlete who just completed that distance.

“This is actually a blessing in disguise. It’s after I was injured that I realised the importance of health and exercise,” Selina said. “My knees were in bad condition after the accident, and it hurt when I just moved a little. But after I started exercising, I realised that developing muscles can protect the knee joints.”

She encouraged everyone to exercise three times a week.

In fact, Selina was not in her best shape to run that day, as she had only two and a half hours of sleep the night before, and after 5.5km, she was completely exhausted, and had to stop two or three times to brisk walk.

Both her father, who rode on a bike beside her, and her friends, who entered the competition with her, cheered her on, and that dashed her intention of giving up halfway and spurred her on to complete the race.

Taiwanese TV host Alyssa Chia admitted that she had spent two months prepping herself for the race. “Training was very difficult, and I wanted to hit my coach,” she said with a laugh. “But at the end of it it’s very fulfilling. I’m very happy.”

She took one hour and nine minutes to complete the 10 km run, and added that she wanted to challenge the 21 km marathon in future.

Selina Jen

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