Sandy Lam’s daughter to be her bridesmaid?

Sandy Lam, Jun Kung

Rumour has it that Hong Kong singer Sandy Lam and her boyfriend, drummer Jun Kung, will finally tie the knot in August this year.

Speculation about their impending marriage has been rife due to Sandy’s displays of affection for her 37-year-old beau. The 48-year-old songbird not only bought Jun a car and a house, she also follows him wherever he goes, accompanying him to dinner with a friend and engaging in public displays of affection.

A close friend of the couple revealed that the reason the wedding is set in August is because the couple wishes to hold the wedding during Sandy’s daughter (from her previous marriage with singer Jonathan Lee) Lee Xi Er’s summer holidays, so that she will be able to return to Hong Kong to be her mother’s bridesmaid. 16-year-old Xi Er is currently studying in New York.

However, not all was smooth sailing for Sandy and Jun. Sandy had rejected Jun’s proposal two years ago due to Xi Er’s disapproval. But after spending much effort getting close to her, he finally gained her acceptance and successfully proposed to Sandy recently.

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Sandy Lam, Lee Xi Er, Jun Kung

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