Sandra Ng encounters anti-China protests in Vietnam

Sandra Ng

Hong Kong actress Sandra Ng was recently in Vietnam for a three-day visit as an ambassador of a non-profit organisation, and was caught in the anti-China protests, which started earlier this Tuesday. At least 15 foreign-owned factories were set on fire at industrial parks during these protests.

Her visit there as an ambassador of non-profit organisation Orbis International has sparked much concern for her safety, and Sandra returned to Hong Kong at 10.45pm last night, appearing tired and haggard.

When reporters queried about the riots in Vietnam, she said: “It was a coincidence, and my family was very worried too. I was in the mountainous area by myself and didn’t know what was happening, but I returned to the hotel directly after the visit.”

She was suddenly bombarded with text messages from concerned family and friends. “My parents’ messages were like a long family letter, and they were asking me where I was, if I were safe, and asked me to reply them as soon as possible,” she told reporters. “It wasn’t till I checked online that I realised what happened.”

The actress admitted that though she had arranged many visits in Vietnam, they were all done under very safe conditions, and even had police officers acting as bodyguards to escort her to the airport when she left.

Did she encounter any protests personally?

She admitted that there were some protesters near her hotel, so she was a little worried, and returned to her hotel immediately after her meals. As she was the oldest in the group of volunteers, she had told herself to remain calm.

Her partner, film director Peter Chan, also constantly reminded her to seek refuge in her hotel if anything happened.

A little teary-eyed, Sandra added that this incident made her feel very loved. “Esther Kwan called me this morning at 6.30am, and told me that it’s really dangerous and I should come back as soon as possible. I’m really very touched!”

Sandra Ng

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