S.H.E reminisce their career at encore concert

S.H.E, Hebe Tien, Selina Jen, Ella Chen

S.H.E has been in the music scene for almost 13 years, since they released their first album on September 11, 2001. With the anniversary drawing near, all three members got extremely emotional at the 2GETHER 4EVER CONCERT in Kaohsiung last Saturday.

Hebe Tien revealed her feelings by saying “[I] feel like crying” while Ella Chen added: “[I] never thought that it would take so many years for us to be able to hold a concert in Kaohsiung.” Selina ended off by saying, “My youth is S.H.E.”

While they were belting their hearts out on stage, Selina Jen expressed her hopes that the songs would bring up the fans’ memories of S.H.E: “Maybe you will remember who once attended a fan sign with you; who you went to a concert with?”

Ella took a trip down memory lane as well, as she performed Rene Lai’s ‘Hou Lai’ during her solo stage. This was the very song that she had sung in the finals for the “Universal Talent and Beauty Girl Contest” in 2000. Although she was eventually eliminated, that competition gave rise to the S.H.E of today.

She choked up as she sang the song, saying, “[I] feel like crying a little because I’m moved; there are many emotions coming to me. This is a song that is very important to me; it paved the way to my journey.”

As for Hebe, the chic singer maintained her usual performance style, leaving the stage immediately after her solo song without interacting with the fans.

Afterwards, Selina took off a part of her skirt on stage, transforming her outfit into a tight mini dress within one second. She laughingly said, “Now that [the condition of] my body is getting better and better, [I’ll] need a more lively song.”

The singer used to perform a dance segment for every S.H.E concert in the past, but was unable to do so last year due to her injuries from an explosion incident in 2010. Hence, she seized the chance to dance as much as she wanted to this time round.

This special concert attracted more than ten thousand fans, along with Hebe, Selina and Ella’s families, to come in support of the group.

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