S.H.E members kiss one another at their concert


Taiwanese girl group S.H.E gave it their all at their second 2GETHER 4EVER concert at the Taipei Arena two days ago, as “we don’t know when the next concert will be”. Breaking out in song and dance, the three ladies displayed their affections and even openly smooched one another in front of everyone.

For their last concert night, they invited their senior and fellow label mate Taiwanese rock duo Power Station as guest singers. Selina and Ella, who are now happily married, even played matchmaker for Hebe and Power Station’s You Chiu-hsing since they are both dog-lovers and share the same quiet personality.

Thereafter, the two added that good news was on the way for S.H.E, but made it clear that they “are not pregnant.” To prove their point, Ella did a split on the spot and Selina rubbed her tummy.

The “good news,” according to the members, turned out to be Hebe’s upcoming solo concert, to which the 31-year-old joked, “Yeah so unlucky (to hold a concert without them).”

Selina, who completed a 10-km marathon in June after recovering from her burn injuries, expressed her desire to be Hebe’s back-up singer while Ella unabashedly recommended Hebe to invite her as guest performer.

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