Ruby Lin reveals reason behind her break-up with Jimmy Lin

Ruby Lin, Jimmy Lin

Taiwanese actors Jimmy Lin and Ruby Lin first met each other while working together on teen drama School Days in 1995. The actress reportedly fell in love with Jimmy at first sight, but as they were budding stars back then, the couple kept their romance under wraps.

Following the success of Chinese drama My Fair Princess, Ruby’s popularity skyrocketed across Asia, while Jimmy, who had just discharged from the military at the time, was experiencing a low period in his showbiz career. According to media reports, the couple eventually ended their relationship due to Ruby’s frequent travels to China for filming.

However, Ruby recently revealed the “real reason” behind their break-up. A man with strong pride, Jimmy apparently got jealous when his girlfriend openly sang praises of her good friend, singer-actor Alec Su, during an interview. “[Alec is] a good man. I have a good impression of him,” she said.

Jimmy, with a bruised ego, initiated the split and allegedly even sent fax messaged a note, which read “I want to break up with you”, to everyone in the filming crew.

Ruby Lin, Jimmy Lin

Ruby Lin, Alec Su

Ruby Lin and Alec Su

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