Rosamund Kwan denies cancer rumours

Rosamund Kwan

Hong Kong actress Rosamund Kwan issued an official statement yesterday to refute rumours that she has been diagnosed with cancer. A Hong Kong magazine previously reported in 1994 that she had been diagnosed with a small tumour in her pituitary gland.

Although her condition is not life-threatening, Rosamund needs to undergo half-yearly check-ups. Last month, her rumoured boyfriend of five years, Chen Tai Ming was spotted accompanying her to the clinic and cancer speculations surfaced online.

The 51-year-old clarified at an event last Tuesday that trip was just for a dental check-up, not her usual body check-up. On Sunday (Sept 14), Chen Shan Shi, manager of several celebrities, helped clear the air on Weibo as well, but to no avail.

Rosamund could not tolerate it anymore and finally issued an official statement in hopes that the public will stop spreading these gossips.

“To all readers and the public, I’m writing this in response to the ongoing cancer rumours by Hong Kong magazine Oriental Sunday and several online media outlets. Those reports are considered slander and I make it clear that those are false. I’m healthy and not down with cancer.

The reports have disrupted the lives of me and my family. I hope the media can understand and respect the rights a human has, and stop spreading similar rumours in future to stop hurting us. I possess the right to take legal actions against media agencies or individuals. Thank you for all your concern.”

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