Raymond Wong recovering well from rare disease

Hong Kong actor Raymond Wong has been suffering from Behcet’s Syndrome, a rare disease that involves blood vessel inflammation and leads to sores on the skin, in the mouth and on the patient’s genitals. Other symptoms include eye swelling and joint pain.

When first diagnosed, the 39-year-old was said to have difficulties speaking which led to him backing out of time-traveling drama Cheung Po Tsai. He was discharged from the hospital yesterday (Sep 18) after two weeks of treatment and joked with the media gathered outside, “Everyone seems to be worried about this and any part of the body has the chance of getting inflamed but but thankfully the blood vessels near my heart are fine and everyone doesn’t have to worry about my reproductive organs either.”

Those gathered shared that Raymond left a Kowloon hospital at 2pm and looked visibly thinner with a swollen-looking face but he seemed to be in good spirits and was able to speak normally. The 1.8m actor admitted that his weight plummeted to 61.7kg due to his sickness but that he is slowly putting on weight.

He expressed that he started developing symptoms on August 26 but assumed that it was due to his hectic schedule and not eating at regular intervals. His tonsils were severely inflamed and he even had difficulties speaking when the condition worsened.

He only checked himself in to the hospital on September 4 as he was in Australia from August 28 till September 2, where he was diagnosed with Behcet’s Syndrome. He revealed that the hospital placed him in an isolated ward but said, “The medicine already started taking effect on the second day but the condition of my throat got worse and there was white discharge in my mouth.”

On him having to give up his role in Cheung Po Tsai, Raymond mused, “It’s a pity that I missed this good opportunity but my health is the most important.” He added, “The doctors told me that in serious cases, the arteries could get inflamed as well but they’ve given me the all-clear after doing a full checkup. Naturally, my body is weaker than normal and I’ve already lost so much weight but doctors advised that I can do light physical exercises such as ferrying my kids to and fro school.”

With regards to questions if he is aiming for a third child to deflect the words of naysayers, the actor candidly expressed, “I don’t think so – we’re too busy with our two children and the reason why we wanted a younger child is because we were worried that our older son would be lonely. The chances of having a third child aren’t high.”

Raymond Wong

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