Raymond Lam’s unexplained absence from celebratory party

Niki Chow, Raymond Lam

Popular Chinese drama The Virtuous Queen of Han held a celebratory dinner last Tuesday, where lead actress Niki Chow and boyfriend, Chinese actor Jeremy Tsui made a joint-appearance. Lead actor Raymond Lam, however, was missing from the party, even though he was supposed to be in the list of attendees.

While both the director and producer said that they would need to “find out” the reason for Raymond’s unexplained absence, the crew claimed that it was the first time the actor failed to turn up for an event without prior notification.

“We only found out that he’s not coming slightly before the reporters. He had promised to make it if his schedule allows, even saying that he would stay till the end of the event,” a member of the staff added.

According to Hong Kong media, Raymond and Niki are currently on bad terms, after vying to perform the drama’s theme song previously.

Although it was initially stated that Raymond’s ‘Behind the Glory’ will be used as the theme song, the production team reportedly wanted to change it to ‘With You, Our Love is Perfect’, a duet by Niki and Richie Jen. This was mainly due to the actress’ skyrocketing popularity as well as Raymond’s departure from TVB.

Displeased to have the limelight taken away from him, Raymond allegedly threatened to boycott all promotional activities, if his track was not chosen as the theme song.

The singer-actor may have gotten his wish in the end, but media attention remained on Niki and Jeremy, after The Virtuous Queen of Han became dubbed as the couple’s “token of love” – which is believed to be the reason for his absence at the celebratory party.

Niki Chow, Raymond Lam

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