Raymond Lam’s brother snubs Karena Ng?

Raymond Lam, Karena Ng

Rumour has it that TVB actor Raymond Lam’s brother isn’t too happy with the former’s girlfriend, actress Karena Ng.

Raymond, 34, has been in a high-profile relationship with Karena, 20, since last year. The doting boyfriend and billionaire (with a net worth of HK$20 billion) is known for splurging excessively on his girlfriend, going on overseas trips with her and even gifting her with branded products.

Jealous fans have branded Karena as a “gold-digger”, and it is said that Raymond’s brother doesn’t have a good opinion of her.

Last May, Raymond brought Karena along to his brother’s graduation ceremony at the University of Southern California, making use of the occasion to introduce his girlfriend to his parents.

Unexpectedly, the actor’s brother refused to take a photo with Karena, and even mocked her on Weibo afterwards: “I’m preparing to buy a bunch of ‘accounts’ and ‘mobile accounts’ to reach 10,000 followers!”

The statement was suspected to be targeted at Karena, who somehow had 6.3 million followers on Weibo, despite not having any significant projects to her name throughout her three years in the industry.

When reporters tried to clarify the situation with Raymond’s manager, she replied, “[I’ll] not respond to such a personal matter, but to my knowledge, their (Raymond’s brother and Karena) relationship is okay.”

Karena’s manager declined comment: “[I’ll] not respond to things that are not true, thanks.”

Additionally, it is said that Karena recently bought a bed worth HK$200,000 (approximately SG$32,297) with Raymond, and is intending to make the latter marry her.

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