Raymond Lam to join Emperor Entertainment?

Raymond Lam

Former TVB artiste Raymond Lam recently confirmed that he would not be renewing his contract with the TV station, despite having been heavily promoted by them throughout his fifteen years in the company.

TVB executive Virginia Lok had tried many times to persuade the artiste not to leave, but even a higher salary of RMBS$500,000 (approximately S$100,000) per episode was unable to change his mind.

Now a free agent, Raymond is sought after by numerous entertainment companies. He had purportedly hoped to start up his own agency with industry veteran Eric Tsang, but their plans did not come to pass.

Recent rumours have it that the 34-year-old is now inclined to sign an artiste contract with Emperor Entertainment, which had previously managed his singing career.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Raymond has always enjoyed a close relationship with Emperor Entertainment, and was pleased with the way the company managed his rising music career.

As the company now has strong foundations in both music and film industries, he reportedly hopes to be able to create another peak in his career by joining them.

In fact, Raymond dined with Emperor Entertainment executives on the night when he announced his departure from TVB, sparking rumours that they are currently discussing contract details.

Despite the fact that his future still seems promising, the actor’s parents have not taken well to the news that he has left his former company. Reports state that they have always been immensely grateful to TVB for helping their son attain success, and had hoped for Raymond to renew his contract.

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