Raymond Lam leaves TVB

Raymond Lam

Yesterday, Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam finally put an end to a guessing game that has been going on for months when he revealed that he has left TVB, his management agency of fifteen years.

His departure from TVB is largely alluded to his Best Actor snubs during his time in TVB, despite being heavily promoted by the TV station.

While attending a promotional event for his new period drama The Virtuous Queen of Han yesterday, Raymond accepted interviews in Cantonese, and announced that he has already left TVB.

“It’s more relaxing to do promotions now; [everything] feels very fresh. I can do media interviews that I normally won’t accept, and can even speak Cantonese,” he admitted.

However, the 34-year-old made sure not to burn his bridges completely: “To be honest, [we’ve] been working together for so many years; there’ll definitely be chances for us to collaborate again, but I want to stop for a while.”

Although Raymond’s contract with TVB came to an end last month, and his music contract with EEG Music also ended last year, he is not worried about his future, and even plans to release a Mandarin album: “Since my debut, I’ve only ever released one Mandarin album. China is a huge market, [and] I’ll be looking out for record labels that I can work with; [I] hope to broaden my horizons.”

Since he left his former agency, numerous management companies have been clamouring for the actor to join them, including Raymond Wong’s Pegasus Motion Pictures, Paco Wong’s Sun Entertainment Culture, and Emperor Motion Pictures. Many believe that he would probably join Pegasus Motion Pictures, the company that his girlfriend, actress Karena Ng is contracted to.

Raymond clarified: “This is my own affair; she (Karena) will not influence me. Besides, we don’t talk about work. There is a chance for me to work with Raymond Wong, as we had a smooth work collaboration in the past.”

Additionally, Raymond also refuted previous rumours that he will be opening his own entertainment company and focusing on the film industry.

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