Raymond Lam coaxed by Karena Ng to set up his own company

Raymond Lam, Karena Ng

Rumour has it that Raymond Lam will not renew his contract with TVB, due to his girlfriend, actress Karena Ng’s dissuasion. Sources revealed that Karena recently got to meet Angelababy, whom she hopes to learn from, when it comes to dealing with her beau.

“Karena has always been envious of Angelababy. She thinks that Angelababy is now a lady boss after Huang Xiaoming set up his own company, and that she gets to pick her assignments,” an insider said.

As a result, Karena is reportedly trying to get her boyfriend to follow in Xiaoming’s footsteps and establish his own agency. At the same time, Raymond is also said to be disappointed by the fact that he has never been crowned “Best Actor” in his 15 years at TVB.

According to Raymond’s good friend, the company has given the actor a lot of freedom in developing his career. “He is allowed to film dramas in China and to take on only one TVB drama each year,” the insider added. “Negotiation for a renewal was almost completed when he suddenly disappeared, one month before the contract expired on Jul 1!”

The 34-year-old finally showed up when he was “summoned” to the set of Karena’s new movie Qing Chun Dou all the way in Peng Chau, Hong Kong on Jul 5. Although Raymond cheerily admitted that he was there to visit his girlfriend, Karena, who was in a bad mood because of the hot weather, continued pulling a black face while ignoring everyone by talking on the phone.

Raymond Lam, Karena Ng

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