Rainie Yang’s mother makes her social media debut

Rainie Yang

Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang has always had a sister-like relationship with her mother, and they talk about virtually anything under the sun.

However, Mama Yang dislikes appearing before the media, and Rainie has always respected that and never shared photos of her mother. Early this year, the singer uploaded a photo of her with her mother on Facebook to wish everyone a Happy New Year, but blurred her mother’s face.

On Saturday, Mama Yang finally made a long-awaited appearance on her daughter’s Facebook, in order to celebrate Rainie’s upcoming 30th birthday on June 4.

Rumour has it that Rainie’s mother has single-handedly planned her birthday party, the “Love Rainie 30th Adult Party”, which will be held in Taipei on May 31.

When fans saw the photo of Mama Yang with Rainie, they all praised the former for her youthful looks and striking resemblance to Taiwanese songbird Stella Chang.

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Rainie Yang

Rainie Yang with her mother

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