Qin Hao proposes to Annie Yi in Turkey

Annie Yi, Qin Hao

Following news of Taiwanese actress Annie Yi’s visit to the hospital for consultation on IVF, the multi-hyphenate announced on Weibo yesterday that her boyfriend, Chinese actor Qin Hao has proposed to her in Turkey on Jul 14.

At around 1.30pm yesterday, Annie commented on the reports about her IVF attempt via a microblog post. She wrote: “Mr. Qin and I started dating with marriage in mind. His family background and financial abilities are not inferior to mine. His family dotes on me and they know that I love kids. I treasure this hard-earned relationship very much, so I wish everyone would give us encouragement and stop second-guessing us. I’ll give my love to you guys.”

Two hours later, she revealed about Qin Hao’s romantic proposal in a separate Weibo post. Thinking that she was attending a post-shoot party, Annie believed that the crew was very sweet to decorate the stairs with roses and candles – little did she expect to find her beau waiting to propose to her in the middle of a heart-shaped layout.

“The sky lit up with fireworks when he asked ‘would you marry me?’, and I said ‘I Do’,” she shared.

Although many fans expressed their well wishes for the May-December couple (Qin Hao is 10 years younger than Annie), some netizens left sarcastic remarks on her post, which made the actress respond with another post.

“Some people speak plausibly about others without knowing anything. [I shall not] care about how others look at us or give up on happiness because of these stinging words. I must have the courage to run towards the future with you,” reiterated Annie.

Annie Yi, Qin Hao

Annie Yi, Qin Hao

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