Photos of Selina Jen’s burn injuries revealed

Selina Jen

Tears flowed as Taiwanese girl group S.H.E member Selina Jen revealed details behind the explosion that scarred her forever, and shared photos of her injuries for the very first time.

Selina, 32, was caught in an accidental explosion while filming for the musical drama I Have a Date with Spring in 2010. She sustained third degree burns on 54 percent of her body, and was hospitalised for almost three months. Although her injuries were serious, Selina has recovered well, and even completed a 10km marathon not long ago.

Recently, the singer participated in CCTV’s talk show, Kai Jiang La, where she shared about her haunting experience.

On that day, around 100 fans made up a human wall to cheer Selina on, causing her to cry even before filming started, as she felt both moved and nervous.

The star couldn’t help breaking down a few times while recounting the incident, but she said, “This is all worth it. [I] hope that my experience of pain and recovery can encourage burn victims who are still struggling; [I want to] tell them that as long as [they’re] alive, there is hope; as long as [they’re] alive, [they] shouldn’t give up.”

The program also exposed photos of her worst injuries for the very first time. The singer shed tears as she looked at the pictures, expressing that she felt most sorry towards her father: “I feel that I was very unfilial during that time. [I] vented all my negative emotions on him (her father), blaming him for not stopping me from filming the movie, and for saying the words “[I’m] grateful” repeatedly at my darkest moment.”

On hindsight, Selina realised that her father was her biggest support, and regrets treating him poorly: “[He] has always been supporting me by my side; I am very thankful towards him.”

In order to lighten the heavy atmosphere, she immediately cracked a joke next: “After I was injured from the explosion and was brought to the car, I got my assistant to take a photo of me. When I saw the photo, [I] felt that I really looked like Rihanna.”

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Selina Jen

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