Penny Tai mistaken for David Tao’s lover

David Tao, Penny Tai

Taiwanese singer-songwriter David Tao was recently caught sending text messages to a girl named Penny, causing Malaysian singer Penny Tai to be ridiculously swept into the picture, after a rumour was deliberately sent out that the pair is dating.

David was filming Beijing TV’s programme Beautiful Harmony on Monday and unbeknownst to him, a cameraman had zoomed in on a text message on his mobile phone and uploaded a photo of it on Weibo.

Along with the photo, the cameraman wrote: “It’s rumoured that David Tao and Penny Tai are getting married soon! On May 12, 1.51am at the set of Beautiful Harmony, I accidentally caught David Tao and Penny texting one other, saying ‘You’ve worked hard baby, I’m going to sleep soon.’ So sweet! All the best to them! Looking forward to David’s good news!”

Rather than getting excited by the cameraman’s comments, netizens were furious and slammed him for being “shameless”, berating him for infringing on others’ privacy. Some even said that Penny Tai is not the only person with the name ‘Penny’.

One netizen even said in jest: “If my boyfriend is called Daniel, does that mean he is Daniel Wu?”

Regarding this incident, David said in exasperation: “I’m a guy, regardless of what’s said of me it’s okay, but I’m embarrassed that this has involved Penny Tai so ridiculously.”

Penny Tai also said in response: “I’m not the person involved, so I can’t comment.”

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