Patty Hou is pregnant with a boy

Patty Hou

Taiwanese TV host Patty Hou announced that she is pregnant with a boy at recent media interviews after she returned from her holiday in Los Angeles. She and her husband, sales trader tycoon Ken Huang, confirmed the gender of their baby after a check-up at the hospital.

Although the couple had hoped for a girl, as her husband’s family has too many boys, they were still delighted when they heard the news, and stressed that the baby’s health is more important than the gender.

While on holiday in Los Angeles, the couple shopped for baby products, such as a pram, baby clothes and milk powder.

The 36-year-old host announced her pregnancy earlier this year, and is now five months pregnant, though her baby bump still cannot be seen, sparking rumours that she may be getting a surrogate mother for her child.

In response, Patty explained that her lifestyle has not changed much since the start of her pregnancy, with little morning sickness and normal foetal movement. Her cravings are mostly fruit and chips, but as she is afraid of heatiness, she tries to control her consumption of chips. Thus, the mother-to-be has only gained 3kg and now weighs 50kg.

When asked if she would want to have another child, and this time a girl, she replied that she would let nature take its course.

After news of her pregnancy got out, Patty was bombarded with endorsement deals, and now has four in her hands, which totalled up to an income of NT21.8 million (S$920,000).

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