Patrick Tse: I am not close to Nicholas Tse

Patrick Tse, Nicholas Tse

Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse, who is currently hosting a Chinese food travelogue Chef Nic, had invited his father Patrick Tse and Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen onto the latest episode of the show.

The episode which aired last Saturday showed the trio having a heart-to-heart talk in Spain around an outdoor fire.

Nicholas confessed, “I have always wanted an older sister since young, an older sister should be able to take good care of people. They (My parents) feel that I don’t dote on my younger sister enough, I only see her a few times a year…”

The actor’s father immediately continued, “I rarely see you either, we’re really not close to each other.” He went on to reveal that Nicholas had studied overseas since young and focused on his career after returning to Hong Kong.

Both father and son have been living apart in recent years and have not travelled overseas together for 29 years.

Michelle was in disbelief after hearing their confessions and suggested Nicholas to go on an annual overseas trip with Patrick, which the 33-year-old promised to do so starting next year.

The actor-singer also shared his thoughts on his divorce with Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung in 2011. Saying that he has truly followed his father’s footsteps, Nicholas explained, “He entered showbiz at a young age, I did too; he divorced quickly, so did I.”

78-year-old Patrick sheds tears as he expressed worry for his grandsons Lucas and Quintus Tse, adding, “I feel so upset thinking about how Nicholas can reunite with his sons only for a short while before leaving them.”

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Patrick Tse, Nicholas Tse

Patrick Tse

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