Park Nima KW7142 profile and pictures

Real Name :  ???
Stage Name : KW 7142
Nationality : South Korean
Birthplace : ???
Birthdate : ???
Zodiac : ???
Blood Type : ???
Height : Around 155-160cm
Languages : Korean
Skills/ Hobbies : Dancing and Music
Favorite Drink : Orange Juice

Before you scream what who is she and is she really a celebrity?! Well, for someone whom have garnered more than a total of more than a billion views of her videos on youtube isn’t a celebrity. What else would you call it?

Park Nima aka KW7142 works as a web cam girl at South Korea winktv and she shot to fame when a anonymous internet user posted her video and pictures his China’s weibo blog.

We have seen unscrupulous people impersonating her identity in forms of website, facebook and twitter to cheat money.

Park Nima aka KW7142 identity is unknown and she has no official site. If you seen one and paid money, you know you have been scammed. Park Nima has retired from the web cam industry partly because of scams impersonating her identity to cheat money.

Thumb of the rule for young South Korean idols is to stay single while the rule for web cam girls is to stay anonymous.


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