Park Nima 2015


We have been receiving many emails about Park Nima. Is she going to show up in 2015 or not.

Park Nima was last seen in 2013. She started the year with some short clips in 2014 to say hi. So we presume that she is still deciding to come back or not and the fact is she didn’t.

We are like 45% into 2015 and Park Nima is still not showing up at winktv or any other broadcast company in Korea. There were many rumors about her whereabouts but the most reliable 2 sources are:

1: She is happily dating a Korean boy band member.

2: She have successfully start up a business using the money she made from webcam performance.

Both possibility are equal because:

– Park Nima was indeed invited by a member of boyband to host for MNET few year back and she vanish from webcam after that.

– Park Nima was making really good money after her 5th appearance on winktv that rocked the webcam industry and she vanished. She is probably making good profit off her business and she does not need to perform on webcam anymore.

Ok.. as always way, bad Korean style english.. yeah but you do understand what is being written.. aren’t you? 🙂

Just to recap, Park Nima is a fake name invented by a blogger on China weibo network. The name is awkward. During interview, the blogger response actually shocked the world by saying, the name of Park Nima was suppose to be a prank. If you translate Park Nima to Chinese, it means “Fuck your mom”. Basically, “Park” is a famous family name in Korea while “Nima” means “your mom” in chinese. So he felt that Park and Fuck sound similar and hence: Park Nima was borned.

Park Nima real identity still remains a mystery. But she is definitely one of the most beautiful face of a female Korean.

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