Pace Wu’s marriage plans put on hold?

Pace Wu

Taiwanese model Pace Wu may well remain an unwed mother, as plans of her supposed marriage to Integrated Capital Limited CEO Ji Xiaobo remains thin, despite giving birth to their daughter Ruirui in February this year.

Xiaobo was recently rumoured to be dating 25-year-old Chinese celebrity Ying Er, whom he had supposedly been attached to during Pace’s pregnancy. Ying Er had actually unabashedly posted photos of herself and Xiaobo on Weibo.

35-year-old Pace announced last September that she is engaged to Xiaobo, and initial rumours were that she was waiting to regain her figure after giving birth to walk down the aisle.

But till now, there’s been no news of their supposed impending marriage, and there have been rumours that she got ditched after giving birth. Word has it that during Chinese New Year this year, her fiancé left her in Hong Kong by herself to rest, while bringing his new lover to Europe for holiday, though she denied this claim.

During her pregnancy, Pace often hinted to her good friends that she is getting married, and revealed that she has accepted her fiancé’s gift of a 10-carat diamond ring worth NT5.57 million (approximately S$230,000) and a white Bentley worth NT30 million (approximately S$1.2 million).

She also once told her friends that her daughter will take over her father’s business, and this enraged Xiaobo, causing him to say that if this goes on, he would not even acknowledge his daughter.

Pace reportedly has been trying to regain her status through her daughter, but Xiaobo apparently has only agreed to take care of mother and daughter financially.

When contacted by the media, both Pace and Xiaobo refuted these claims, and said: “That’s what happened when we broke up last time, but it’s now a thing of the past, so there’s nothing else to say about this.”

Pace Wu

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