Pace Wu shares photos of newborn baby girl

Pace Wu

New celebrity mummy Pace Wu was discharged from the hospital yesterday, after giving birth to her daughter Hillary (nicknamed “Little Ruirui”) via Caesarean section last Monday.

The Taiwanese model shared her bliss by uploading several photos on her microblog. She wrote: “Thanks for the concern, everyone! I am doing well. I feel incredibly happy and contented!”

The 35-year-old also expressed her displeasure about a friend who had circulated a picture “stolen” from her personal Facebook account. “If we are friends, you wouldn’t do that!” she ranted.

In a separate Facebook post, Pace uploaded a photo which showed a frontal shot of her newborn baby girl and captioned: “I’m going home with my baby! This is the start of motherhood.”

Apart from comments on the adorable baby, her fans also marvelled at how the model, who gained only 9 kg during her pregnancy, had regained her figure so quickly. “I can’t believe this is someone who has given birth!” a netizen exclaimed.

To help with the new edition to the family, Pace has reportedly hired a famous “confinement helper” for over HK $150,000 (approximately S$25,000), while her mother has specially flown to Hong Kong to help out. Sources further claimed that the new mummy has not been sleeping well as she insists on breastfeeding her baby.

Although Pace reportedly intends to give birth to two more children within the next five years, she has yet to reveal her wedding plans with her tycoon boyfriend Ji Xiaobo.

Pace Wu

Pace Wu

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