Pace Wu: My daughter and I are both “very happy”

Pace Wu, Ji Xiaobo, Hillary

Taiwanese model Pace Wu took to Weibo yesterday to express her thoughts on motherhood and marriage.

Pace and her fiancé, Integrated Capital Limited CEO Ji Xiaobo,  welcomed their daughter in February this year, however the latter seems to have no intention of marrying the model for the time being. In fact, Xiaobo was recently rumoured to be having an affair with Chinese star Ying Er.

At around 1pm yesterday, Pace posted four successive posts on Weibo to voice her innermost thoughts.

The 35-year-old explained her reasons for banning netizens from commenting on her Weibo posts: “[I feel] very helpless… Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve been attacked by a large number of “shui jun” (Internet trolls). All [the posts] have the same content but were posted repeatedly by different accounts. I just can’t delete them quickly enough, [and] I often start crying as I delete [the posts].”

Regarding the public’s concern about her marriage, Pace confessed, “Actually, I’ve been very well in the past till now. [I’ve been] spending my days beautifully, so there’s nothing to worry about. Also, I’ve never done anything wrong, nor coveted prestige or fortune; to be accused unfairly like this is really not worth it.”

Lastly, she said that although she’s been under a lot of pressure from motherhood and the wedding, she has not neglected her daughter, Hillary (nicknamed “Little Ruirui”). Pace listed down her thoughts on motherhood and wrote: “My daughter and I are very close [and] very happy.”

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Pace Wu, Ji Xiaobo, Hillary

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