Oxide Pang reportedly rented a house for Liddy Li

Angelica Lee, Oxide Pang

Three weeks after his affair with Hong Kong actress Liddy Li was exposed, director Oxide Pang flew to Beijing on Tueday (Jun 10)  to resume work on his new film Out of Inferno 2.

According to Chinese media, Oxide took the opportunity to rent a 30-square-metre apartment for his mistress Liddy and her family. The rent reportedly cost HK$520,000 (approximately S$82,000) for two years.

It was also reported that Oxide’s wife, Malaysian actress Angelica Lee, did not raise any objection as she took pity on Liddy’s background – the rookie actress-model once worked as a pub hostess to support her family, and her father, Li Deren, recently committed suicide during a gunfight with the police.

However, many netizens have expressed their disapproval of Angelica’s forgiving actions.

Angelica, whose emotions have been very unstable, was said to have sought therapy from a psychiatrist in Malaysia yesterday. The Eye star was also previously spotted seeking treatment at a Malaysia hospital for her abdominal problems, shortly after the scandal broke.

To prevent the incident from affecting her stepdaughter Xin Xin (from Oxide’s previous marriage), Angelica has sent the 14-year-old to live with her relatives for the time being.

Meanwhile, Oxide’s Thai ex-wife, who had been in contact with Xin Xin, revealed that the teenager had voiced her displeasure about the situation. Sources also claimed that though his ex-wife has offered to fly to Malaysia and look after their daughter, Oxide declined her suggestion saying that he is “too busy to discuss about this at the moment”.

Angelica Lee, Oxide Pang

Angelica Lee and her stepdaughter, Xin Xin.

Oxide Pang

Oxide Pang and Liddy Li

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