Oxide Pang apologises to Angelica Lee

Oxide Pang, Liddy Li

After being caught red-handed in his affair with Hong Kong singer Liddy Li, Oxide Pang rushed back to Malaysia in a bid to salvage his marriage with Malaysian actress Angelica Lee.

According to reports, Oxide called Angelica, who is currently in Malaysia, at midnight yesterday to apologise, and flew back to Malaysia early that day.

When his affair with Liddy Li, 25, was revealed, many netizens accused the 49-year-old of being a “cheap man”, chastising him for betraying Angelica after she did so much for him and his daughter from a previous marriage. Some netizens even encouraged Angelica to file for divorce, since the couple has yet to have a child.

According to reports, Liddy and Oxide had met in 2009, and they were both present at Hong Kong singer-songwriter Pakho Chau’s birthday celebration in 2011.

In a recent Weibo post on May 13, Liddy wrote: “I love you, Fate! You decide the path that I should tread. [You] decide the person I should meet. [You] decide what I should do. You decide that I should enjoy every period of time, whether I like it or not,” causing netizens to speculate if “the person [she] should meet” is referring to Oxide.

Angelica’s manager has declined to comment on the affair and Oxide has not been picking up his phone. The actress’ close friends, Gigi Leung, Valen Hsu and Charlie Yeung have yet to comment on this issue.

An insider also revealed that this is not the first time Oxide has had an affair.

On the other hand, Lin Xiao Qiang, one of the bosses of Universe Films and Oxide’s good friend, responded to questions on behalf of his buddy: “Oxide told me about this, I think that he made a great mistake, so I advised him to return to Malaysia quickly and apologise to his wife. [I] hope that he will be able to gain Angelica’s forgiveness.”

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Oxide Pang, Liddy Li

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