Owodog angered over misleading report about girlfriend


Lollipop F member Owodog is incensed over the misleading title on a report about his girlfriend.

According to Taiwanese media reports, Owodog was recently revealed to have been in a secret relationship for two years with a 22-year-old student.

Last year, the 31-year-old was spotted house-hunting and acting intimately with a lady friend. Recently, they were once again caught on a date, and he admitted that the lady is his “confidant”, supposedly admitting to his two-year secret relationship.

After their romance came to light, netizens started to dig up the girl’s background information. A small-time model from Catwalk Production House, she once ranked 3rd place in the 2011 Catwalk Competition, and was the cover girl for Taiwanese singer Show Luo’s fashion brand, STAGE. Currently, she earns NT$2000 (approximately S$83) for every hour on the runway.

The netizen who uncovered the information used the title “$2000 an hour” for the article, attracting Owodog’s ire: “The other party is still a student and is not counted as an artiste. Although [the article] provides an explanation, titling it with only “$2000 an hour” is still very hurtful for a girl.”

“I have no privacy because I’m an artiste, so [you] can use me as your target, but it’s too much to dig up information on [her],” he added.

Owodog was unwilling to reveal details on the nature of their relationship, claiming that he had only promised to clarify this matter for her, and urged netizens to be reasonable with their words.


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