Nicholas Tse’s teary reunion with his sons

Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung

Actress Cecilia Cheung recently returned to Hong Kong with her two sons, Lucas and Quintus Tse, during the June school holidays. It was reported that Nicholas Tse had sent his driver to bring the boys to his house, where Lucas was seen running towards his father for a hug.

“Daddy, miss you!” Lucas repeatedly exclaimed, moving Nicholas to tears.

Their last meet-up is believed to be in February, when Nicholas travelled to Singapore to reunite with his sons during Chinese New Year.

Although Lucas and Quintus are under Cecilia and Nicholas’s joint-custody after their divorce in 2011, they have both been living with their mother. To give them a peaceful study environment, the actress decided to let her showbiz career take a back seat and relocated to Singapore with the boys earlier this year.

Since then, Cecilia has been leading an “ordinary life” here. Besides personally fetching her kids to-and-from school every day, the 34-year-old also participated in volunteer work, casting her celebrity status aside. The family of three has also been spotted on their outings around the island on several occasions.

Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung

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