Nicholas Tse still believes in fairy-tale romance

Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong

In a recent interview, Hong Kong celebrity Nicholas Tse, who recently reunited with Chinese diva Faye Wong after 11 years, said that he still “believes in and seeks love”. The 34-year-old also expressed his wish for his lover to be his life companion. “I am the kind of person who believes in fairy-tale romances,” he added.

After news of the reconciliation broke, Nicholas attended events in Beijing and Sichuan, but did not comment on his relationship status. However, the singer-actor’s appearance at the 64th anniversary celebration of Beijing Bureau of Radio, Film and Television was cancelled yesterday, as the organiser was concerned that media attention would be diverted.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the songstress is believed to have purchased new furniture for her Beijing apartment, where she was photographed behaving intimately with Nicholas, during her recent shopping trip to IKEA.

While speaking at an interview last week, Faye hinted that her life is “pretty good” at the moment. “There’s nothing particularly upsetting. The ideal situation is to live without regrets of the past or worry for the future,” she said.

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Faye Wong

Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong

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