Nicholas Tse made various attempts to get back with Faye Wong

Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong

With news of Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong’s romantic reunion becoming the talk of the town, sources revealed that the actor had started the “pursuit” of his ex-lover over a year ago.

It is said that Nicholas had sent a letter to Faye via the CEO of Chinese production company Huayi Brothers, before the songstress divorced with actor-director Li Yapeng.

Although Faye rejected Nicholas’ proposal of a “friendly reconciliation”, the incident incurred the unhappiness of her then-husband, which indirectly led to their eventual split.

Earlier this year, Nicholas invited actress-director Vicki Zhao on his show Chef Nic, where he hinted that her good friend Faye is still “his most beloved”. As Vicki appeared willing to play matchmaker, the 34-year-old host grew confident in his pursue.

According to media reports, Nicholas injured his left foot while filming last month. Worried about his condition, Faye finally broke the ice and introduced a reknowned orthopedist to him. Following this, the actor made extra efforts to successfully win her heart again after 11 years.

Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong

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