Nicholas Tse gets chummy with Fan Bing Bing and Angelababy

Fan Bing Bing, Nicholas Tse

As part of his food variety show 12 ‘Feng’ Taste, Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse recently invited actresses such as Fan Bing Bing, Angelababy, Vicki Zhao and Michelle Chen to travel with him.

In one of the episodes, Nicholas and Bing Bing will play “one day lovers” in Paris, where the two strolled along the river together and enjoyed their coffee break at a curbside cafe. The actor was even seen holding Bing Bing tightly for a self-portrait shot during filming.

On a separate occasion, Nicholas and Angelababy went on a food hunt in Macau. When asked on his reasons for inviting the actress-model on the show, the 33-year-old jokingly said that it was because of Angelababy’s slim figure. “She doesn’t put on weight no matter how much she eats. That’s what makes most girls jealous,” he added.

During their outing, Angelababy suggested bringing Nicholas on a “mysterious adventure” and blindfolded him until they reached their destination – Skywalk at Macau Tower. Despite standing at 233 metres above ground, the actor showed no signs of fear and willingly agreed to play along with her.

Fan Bing Bing, Nicholas Tse

Fan Bing Bing, Nicholas Tse

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