Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong are back together again

Faye Wong, Nicholas Tse

Hong Kong celebrity Nicholas Tse and Chinese diva Faye Wong have reconciled after breaking up 11 years ago. Nicholas was spotted spending four days with Faye in her Beijing apartment recently and the two behaved intimately, showering each other with hugs and kisses.

Nicholas, who is currently hosting cook show 12 ‘Feng’ Taste, specially cooked for Faye and they were photographed kissing each other at the balcony.

The two did not deny their reconciliation and it seems they have already gotten back together as far as six months back. This March, Nicholas was in Paris with Chinese actress Vicki Zhao for a filming session for 12 ‘Feng’ Taste and she had arranged for him to meet with Faye.

The 34-year-old actor-singer also recorded and posted a video of him singing ‘Let Us Live Together’ on Faye’s 45th birthday last month, seemingly indicating his affection for her. He even offered words of advice to her eldest daughter, Leah Dou, who stepped into showbiz recently and thus contacted Faye frequently in private.

Carina Lau, a good friend of Faye, expressed joy over the reignition of the May-December romance and said, “Love is a beautiful thing so I will congratulate them from the bottom of my heart.”

While their reconciliation came as a shock, Faye was said to be two months pregnant as of yesterday. Insiders revealed she spent millions to request for 10 monks to chant for a stretch of seven days to pray for the unborn baby. Crew members around Faye has also confirmed this and revealed she has been taking tonics to care for her health as she is of advanced maternal age.

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Faye Wong, Nicholas Tse

Faye Wong, Nicholas Tse

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