Ng Man-tat recovering from near-death experience

Ng Man-tat

Hong Kong actor Ng Man-tat almost died last month after overwork caused a common flu to evolve into a serious bacterial infection of the heart.

The 62-year-old had been filming movie Shen Yi Chuan Qi in Shijiazhuang, China, when he caught the flu bug. He was in critical condition when he was rushed to the hospital after he returned to Hong Kong, as his treatment had been delayed for filming.

At a point of time, he was thought to be dead, but doctors eventually managed to resuscitate him.

Shocked by his near-death experience, Man-tat has decided to follow his doctor’s advice and quit all his vices. He has also written a will for his peace of mind, and stopped all work commitments for the time being.

Although he’s now on his way to recovery, he revealed that the illness has caused him to lose 13.6kg.

Not only that, he has to deal with losing a huge part of his income as well. “It’s at least a seven-figure sum. Now, I have to depend on other income from events, commercials and judging roles [in competitions],” Man-tat said.

The decrease in income will undoubtedly take a toll on him, as he has to provide for three families: his Malaysian wife and two kids, and his two ex-wives and three daughters.

An insider revealed: “Man-tat isn’t young, but he still has children who are studying. Of course he would want to earn every penny to give his family a better life!”

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