Netizen reveals “truth” about Huang Yi’s husband

Huang Yiqing, Edison Chen

Chinese actress Huang Yi and her businessman husband, Huang Yiqing’s ugly split has been the talk of the town lately. Their ongoing fight saw yet another twist on Tuesday, when a netizen claimed to be in possession of Huang Yiqing’s compromising photos and videos.

Last month, Huang Yi, 34, filed for a divorce after claiming that she was a victim of domestic abuse, while Yiqing openly denounced her on his Weibo account, calling her an adulteress.

On Tuesday afternoon, a netizen named “Revealing the truth about Andy Huang (Yiqing)” posted on Weibo: ““Received shocking sexual photos [and] videos that [Andy] took of himself [and others, some are] secretly taken. [You] can tell that the first two videos are from the camera in his Lamborghini [back in] 2012. The others are sexual videos that he has taken for the past two years. Through the file names, [you] can see that Andy had even labeled [them] with various women’s names; he slept with so many women while Huang Yi was pregnant.”

“[I’m] posting a mosaicked photo to salute this Edison Huang (reference to Edison Chen, a Hong Kong celebrity whose compromising photos were leaked in 2008)! Andy [must be retarded], to not hide [his] videos properly after taking them,” the netizen added.

The photo that was attached to the post showed a series of file icons. Videos were labeled with names of various women, such as a musician called Xu Beibei, Huang Yi’s good friend Hao Lei, and her rival Huo Siyan. There was also a picture of Yiqing posing with Edison.

According to reports, the same netizen had previously exposed evidence on Yiqing’s numerous infidelities.

Yiqing calmly refuted the claims on Tuesday night, commenting “conduct yourself well”, “stop fooling around~ [if] you have evidence, upload [it]”, and “even if there’s no 1080P high definition , at least provide a GIF…”

He also published two statements, in which he promised to sue the media for publishing false reports about his familial conflict, and claimed to be resigning from his post as Chairman of the Shanghai Super Car Club.

In one of his statements, he blamed Huang Yi for dragging him down and left a sarcastic comment about his estranged wife which baffled many: “Huang Yi is practically a goddess standing on a moral pedestal.”

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