Nancy Wu spotted doing premarital check-up

Nancy Wu

TVB actress Nancy Wu was recently spotted going for a 30-minute premarital check-up at a gynaecology clinic. Accompanied by actor Oscar Leung’s wife, the 32-year-old wore a big smile on her face and was visibly in high spirits.

Following the split with her long-time beau Kenneth Ma in 2011, Nancy was introduced to her current boyfriend Patt Shum, who is reportedly from a wealthy family and works in the advertising industry. The two hit it off immediately and moved in together less than a year after they started dating.

According to Hong Kong media, Nancy brought her new lover to meet her parents shortly after they got together, and has declared on numerous occasions that she views Patt as a “marriage partner”.

Although the actress openly hinted at her wish to set up a family before 35, Patt was not ready to settle down yet. In February, the 36-year-old was caught cheating on Nancy, who flew to United States for three weeks to mend her broken heart.

As Patt tried to salvage the relationship, Nancy agreed to return to his side on the condition that they get married. Patt reportedly conceded to her terms and the couple is planning to tie the knot early next year, with actress Myolie Wu and singer Hins Cheung rumoured to be their bridesmaid and best man.

Nancy Wu

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