Murder suspect found to be Liddy Li’s father

Liddy Li, Li Deren

The murder suspect in a recent shooting incident in Hong Kong has been revealed to be Hong Kong singer-actress Liddy Li’s father.

Li Deren, 51, shot a man to death before shooting himself in the head. After the incident was publicised, the media found out that Liddy, the “third-party” in director Oxide Pang’s infidelity scandal, is Deren’s older daughter.

Rumour has it that Deren and the deceased were not related, but the latter had provoked Deren when he talked about Liddy’s adultery scandal. However, the case is still being investigated, and Deren’s motive is currently still unknown.

When reporters visited Liddy’s home in Cheung Hong Estate, it seemed to be empty. In hopes that the family would aid investigations for the murder case, police had left a note on her door: “We need to contact you about something.”

Reporters also interviewed Liddy’s neighbours, who confirmed that she was indeed Deren’s elder daughter. According to them, Liddy would sometimes bring her boyfriend home, but she has not been seen for a while.

As for Deren, the neighbours said that while he was in residence here, he would often greet them enthusiastically. Even after his split with his wife, Ding Ping, in 2010, he still returned home often. However, neighbours claimed to hear fighting and things being thrown, as the couple often fought over Deren’s mistress.

On Monday, the media tried to contact Liddy, Ding Ping and Oxide in order to find out more details, but all three parties did not respond. That night, reporters texted Liddy: “How are you feeling with what happened to your father? Are you [feeling] better? How [are you] going to handle this? Is your mother very upset? [How is she] feeling?”

Although it was shown that she had already seen the messages, Liddy has yet to make a reply.

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