How much does Plastic Surgery cost in South Korea?

We have valuable information for ladies, gentleman, boys and girls whom are interested to visit South Korea for Plastic Surgery in South Korea.

Unless, your parents have million or billions in the bank. I am sure the most important question that come across your mind would be “How much does it cost?”. Basically, it would depend on much reshaping you wish to go for ie: just the eye or the nose.. or eye plus nose and along with reshaping of the jawline as well?

When you arrive at the clinic, the doctor would probably explain the whole surgery process to you and most of the time, they will encourage you to signup for a total package. So… could you just tell me HOW MUCH already!?!…

Ok Ok.. take it easy. Our recommendation would be $30,000. Actually, it does not cost that much even if you go for a total re-shape. But, MOST people want to face their family and friends at their TOP shape. As we said, it depends on how much you opt to reshape, it could take up to 1 to 6 months to fully heal and look pretty. In another words, you would not want to fly back home immediately after the surgery. You would spend $15,000 – $20,000+ in cost for the plastic surgery. The left over $10,000 would serve as expenses to stay in South Korea.


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