Mother-to-be Rene Liu yet to recover from knee surgery

Rene Liu

After announcing her pregnancy two weeks ago, Taiwanese actress-singer Rene Liu attended a press conference for new drama He and His Sons in Beijing yesterday.

The mother-to-be, who has not acted in a drama for eight years, decided to make a return because of the “good script and co-actors”.

When prompted about her pregnancy, Rene assured that “she is in good hands and her family members leave matters to her”. However, the 45-year-old had previously undergone a knee surgery in 2008 and has yet to recover fully.

The doctor advised Rene to maintain her weight or she may have to be in a wheelchair in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy.

She headed to the gym yesterday and posted a photo of herself covered in sweat but netizens were worried that she may overwork herself. Rene then said, “Exercising is a good habit. No matter what your state of health is, it’s always good to exercise moderately.”

Rene Liu is pregnant
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Rene Liu

Zhang Guo Li, Rene Liu

He and His Sons actors Zhang Guo Li (left), Rene Liu (right)

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