More racy photos of Sire Ma may be released

Sire Ma

Following the release of Hong Kong actress Sire Ma’s private video clip which featured her dressed in barely-there lingerie and making steamy dance moves last Wednesday, the TVB starlet has admitted that more clips may be leaked in due time.

Sire has reportedly admitted to having filmed at least 10 similar clips using her and her close friend’s mobile phones; these included shots of her having intercourse, as well as vacation and kissing photos taken mostly in Shanghai.

Although Sire has reported the matter to the police, the actress’ reputation has been badly damaged and she is now emotionally unstable. It was said that after the 26-year-old broke up with “the person she had loved wrongly,” she claimed to have lost her phone and requested for her ex to delete those clips.

There have been speculations lately that Wang Ziqi, who used to be in a relationship with Sire, is the culprit behind these leaks, but the former emphasised that she has deleted all clips.

Sire is now down with depression and has a phobia of crowds due to the emotional stress caused by this incident. She believes that the police is unable to help her as she said someone is out to destroy her reputation.

An insider revealed, “After the incident, Sire looked for the other party and asked for mercy but the other party played dumb and there was no room for discussion. This was when Sire decided to call the police. Her friends also stepped out to request for those in possession of those clips to keep them private.”

At a press conference last week, Sire had told the media she will face the crisis courageously and be accountable for her actions.

In fact, the insider continued, “She was in a bad mood and could neither eat nor sleep. She refused to call her parents as they would worry. She even cried and wanted to die. Friends have been keeping her company these days.”

It is said that Sire addressed this matter publicly because she wanted to give an explanation to her family and friends. Additionally, TVB had promised to help her and will not terminate her contract.

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Sire Ma

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