Mickey Huang customises branded bag for girlfriend

Mickey Huang, Summer Meng

Taiwanese veteran host Mickey Huang celebrated his girlfriend, actress Summer Meng’s 23rd birthday at a restaurant in Taipei last weekend. According to media reports, Mickey ordered a Longchamp bag that is imprinted with the initials of Summer’s English name last month. The 42-year-old also personally picked the colours of the tote which is worth NT$26,500 (approximately S$1,105).

“The bag was specially customised for my girlfriend. I wish that she would continue to work hard and that her career would scale to greater heights,” he said.

On Sunday, the couple arrived separately at an eatery called Jiyuan Café. To ensure that the lovebirds could enjoy their date in peace, reporters were stopped by the staff from entering the premise.

Afterwards, Mickey claimed that another friend of his was celebrating his birthday that day. Similarly, Summer’s manager reiterated that it was a “group party”.

Mickey and Summer’s romance first came to light last November. Although the actress’ parents allegedly objected to their relationship, Summer openly professed her love in March. She also expressed her wish to set up a family by 30, her plans matching with Mickey’s previous declaration to become a dad when he turns 50.

When it comes to marriage, Mickey said that he would “let nature take its course”. “She is so busy with filming these days that she doesn’t even have time to meet her parents. She’d focus on her career for now,” he added.

Mickey Huang

Summer Meng

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