Michelle Rodriguez to DJ at GP party

ACTION megastar Michelle Rodriguez has arrived in Melbourne to host a post-Grand Prix party.

Rodriguez, who is reportedly dating British model Cara Delevingne, will DJ at Crown’s Club 23 at Circuit, an event open to all punters, on Sunday night.

“I love music, man. I always have,” the star of Fast Furious and Avatar said yesterday.

“And I love people – as long as they’re not bugging me for photos. When I’m vibing, I want to be part of the ambience, I want to be the fly on the wall when I DJ.”

Asked if Delevingne – who has been snapped partying, holidaying and twerking with Rodriguez all over the world in the past month – will join her in Melbourne, Rodriguez coyly replied: “I don’t know.”

The Hollywood star said the loved-up pictures of her and Delevingne were about happiness.

Rodriguez added: “It’s two people enjoying each other’s company and that’s that. There’s nothing more to it.”

She met local DJs Georgia Sinclair and Claire Elliott, who will rock the party with Rodriguez.

Michelle Rodriguez enjoys a DJing practive session with Georgia Sinclair and Claire Ellio

Michelle Rodriguez enjoys a DJing practive session with Georgia Sinclair and Claire Elliott.
Source: News Corp Australia

Rodriguez said she is grateful for being a part of the hugely successful Fast And Furious franchise, which began 14 years ago, and spawned six sequels, and counting.

She is also a regular on magazine hottest and sexiest lists.

“I don’t take those lists too seriously,” she said. “But they do mean somebody might give me an opportunity, or a door might open. Those lists are radars.

“Radars are what a lot of people in power pay attention to. And sadly, a lot of people in power are square, and don’t think outside the box, or take chances.”

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