Media put off by Tang Wei’s fleeting appearance at film festival

Tang Wei

Chinese actress Tang Wei, who wedded in Sweden in July, was in Venice for the recent 71st International Film Festival 2014 to promote her latest work The Golden Era together with director Ann Hui and Chinese co-star Feng Shaofeng.

However, Tang Wei was reportedly late for her 1 p.m. interview session by 40 minutes and was disrupted halfway through the agreed 30-minute session by a Chinese lady.

She expressed her apologies to the media, then led Tang Wei and Shaofeng away.

When the person-in-charge of arranging the interview, an Italian, asked the Chinese lady why the sudden departure, she responded rudely, “I can just return you the 15 minutes (of interview) later, can’t I?”

That infuriated the Italian, who then started arguing with her and promised never to arrange future interviews for them, even calling them “jerks”.

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Wang Shaofeng, Ann Hui, Tang Wei

From left: Wang Shaofeng, Ann Hui, Tang Wei

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