Mayday donates S$4 million to charity


Taiwanese rock band Mayday’s “Just Love It!” charity concert is in its third year running. This year, the quintet have chalked up approximately S$4 million to help the underprivileged in Taiwan.

They have held four such concerts this year with Kaohsiung being the first stop, followed by Beijing, Shenzhen and Yilan. The Kaohsiung performance on July 27 together with the last performance and an after-party auction held in Yilan last Friday night, raised NT$56.94 million (approximately S$2.33 million) in total.

As the amount missed NT$57 million (approximately S$2.337 million) by NT$50,000 (approximately S$2,000), the members persuaded drummer Guanyou to top up the remaining.

Several Taiwanese celebrities who had recently donated to aid in the crises that hit Taiwan – a TransAsia Airways plane crash and Kaohsiung gas pipe explosions – were criticised for not disclosing the amount of money they donated.

In response, Mayday’s vocalist Ashin said, “Kindness does not have to be shown openly, it is the thought that counts.”

He even requested for Guanyou to be photographed with a certificate of donation and explained, “We want to make the donation amount transparent, so please help to spread this on Facebook and Weibo.”

Besides the NTS57 million raised, concert organizer B’in Music also contributed NT$5 million (approximately S$20,000) worth of celebrity merchandise and charity goodie bags for sale.

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