Matilda Tao makes Kim Soo Hyun blush

Kim Soo Hyun, Matilda Tao

After Korean star Kim Soo Hyun rose to fame for his recent drama, You Who Came From The Star, he has been invited to several TV programmes in China, including Jiangsu TV’s popular variety show Super Brain.

Soo Hyun was said to have earned NT$15 million (approximately S$620,000) for his appearance.

At the recording of the show yesterday, another guest, Taiwanese host Matilda Tao, teased him with a question that drove the audience mad with screaming. “Why did you wear a towel when you were bathing in the drama?” she asked.

Faced with such a sensitive and awkward question, Soo Hyun blushed, and replied: “If I don’t wear it, the scene would not be broadcasted!”

Her embarrassing question enraged Soo Hyun’s fans, who called her names online, branding her as “indecent” and even expressed their hate for her.

In response to the criticisms, Matilda said that the producers had wanted her to interact with Soo Hyun during the programme. “My question is related to the drama, and I did not mean to ‘take advantage’ of him,” she said.

Kim Soo Hyun

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