Mark Chao meets ex at press conference

Mark Chao, Janine Chang

We bet Taiwanese-Canadian actor Mark Chao wished he could avoid attending the press conference for upcoming movie Black White: The Dawn of Justice, in which his ex-girlfriend Janine Chang also has a role in.

The two, who were present at Wednesday’s press conference in Taipei, appeared awkward throughout the session and did not speak to each other at all.

It is the first time former couple, who had dated for a year, are meeting since Mark registered his marriage with Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan in June.

When speaking with the media, Mark, who has been playing the role of “Hero” since the first Black White drama in 2009, revealed that his secret to maintaining his looks is to “remove make-up well and completely”.

Speaking of his “weight gain”, the 30-year-old explained it was due to “swelling from the lack of sleep” but he feels happy despite his busy schedule lately.

The actor also revealed he has been seeing less of Yuanyuan due to work but they call and text each other and meet up whenever possible.

The couple has yet to hold a banquet but Mark shared that it won’t be anytime soon as he is still busy.

He added, “We will find time and let you guys know,” then joked that he is open to inviting everyone present to the banquet.

While Janine gave her well-wishes to her ex-beau on his marriage, she is not keen on getting married yet.

She said, “It’s too early for me but I’m happy for him. If time permits, I will (attend his banquet) but if I have work then I can’t.”

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Mark Chao

Janine Chang

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