Makiyo will not see billionaire tycoon again

Makiyo, Frank Lin

After Makiyo was spotted spending five hours with billionaire tycoon Frank Lin on July 27, she stepped out to dispel rumours of them dating.

“We were out with a group of friends that day. I do not know him well and he was just a friend of a friend. I bought quite a lot of stuff for him in Japan, so I rode his car to put them down in his house since he lived near me,” she clarified on Wednesday.

The 30-year-old also emphasised she has only met him twice and is currently single. They spent five hours together “just talking about anime (animation)” since they were both anime fans.

When asked if she intends to marry him because of his financial background, Makiyo said, “I only knew about his background after reading the news, but we are just friends who chat about anime. We’re really not dating.”

She added, “We will not meet again, he is not my cup of tea.”

Makiyo also stressed that she will be satisfied if her partner has a job and does not necessarily have to be rich.

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