Makiyo dating billionaire tycoon?


Taiwanese Japanese artiste Makiyo was earlier rumoured to be marrying her new boyfriend, “Winnie Man”, in order to improve her mother’s fortune, as there is a Chinese superstition that holding an auspicious event in the family can drive away illness and bad luck. Although that was quickly refuted by her mother, Makiyo was recently romantically linked to yet another man, billionaire tycoon Frank Lin.

On July 27, Makiyo was spotted with merchandise from the Japanese animation (anime) One Piece as she entered a black luxury sedan. Her driver was none other than Frank Lin, the younger brother of the Chairman of Goldsun Development Construction Co Ltd., Vincent Lin.

Makiyo alighted from the car twice to pick up their takeaways before the two headed to a mansion. After spending five hours in the building together, Frank finally sent Makiyo home at around midnight.

As they said their goodbyes, Makiyo reportedly seemed very unwilling to let her companion leave. According to Taiwanese media reports, the 30-year-old had also displayed the same reluctance when she was sent home by Frank on July 17, even turning back while leaving to wave goodbye to him.

Makiyo responded to the rumours through her manager: “Both of them (Frank and Makiyo) are anime fans, and are new friends who got to know each other through a mutual friend.”

On the other hand, Frank’s assistant refused to answer any queries about his boss’ private life, claiming that it had nothing to do with the company’s operations.

The 35-year-old businessman is a highly sought after bachelor with NT$200 billion (approximately S$8.2 billion) in assets. He also holds many important positions in various companies – he is the Chairman of Babyboss City Ltd., Vice-President of Taiwan Secom Co., and the Vice-Chairman of TransAsia Airways.

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